My First Interactive Math Notebook!

Happy weekend! I’m here to share a fun find and a new item that I am super excited about!

So let’s all admit upfront that teachers are supply-aholics. Post-its, note pads, markers… I just about had a heart attack when we got a welcome back gift bag from our principal at the start of the school year with a box of beautiful black sharpies AND florescent colored post its!! Teacher LOVE!

Which leads me to this… where have these been all my life?

See through Post-Its? GENIUS people. Genius. I love them. And we are using them and re-using them all over the place. Here I quartered them and we used them to find letter B’s on our poem from our A to Z Poetry Notebook.

But these are a million ways I can think of using these! Big Books! Centers! This may be old news to you though. If it is, feel free to pop my bubble and tell me about how you have been using them in super cool ways for the past 10 years. 🙂

If that was not exciting enough, I have my brand new My *first* Interactive Math Notebook to share… made exclusively for Kinders! I know you have heard about the latest rage in teaching… Interactive Notebooks. I saw quite a few that were SUPER awesome, but a little bitty too difficult for my kinders to start the year.  So, I decided to make one of my own with easy cuts, simple directions, quick to complete, and ready-to-use for teachers.

I decided that this would be a great tool to use as a quick intro or review to start our math lesson. I now have my kids start math at their tables, we complete our Math Notebook entry, then they come to the carpet for our whole group lesson, usually do some practice together on the smartboard, then I send them back to their seats for independent practice on our lesson of the day. Kindergarten teachers KNOW that with the itty bitty attention span and need for movement- breaking things up is key to their focus and involvement!

Here are a few peeks of the daily activities that we have been working on.:

Each entry comes with an “I can” statement that the kids glue at the top of the page. Within each notebook unit, there are enough entries to cover an entire month of school. My first unit, Numbers 1-5 is up and posted. You can check it out here!


  • I just bought the bundled set today. I love how you put it all together. Please tell me how you keep your students from putting too much glue and therefore sticking pages together. I need gluing strategies. LOL

  • Do you precut for the students? I can imagine that would take up some time and I can hear my admin saying, "make the most of your instructional time."

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