I Like (Class) Books! *Freebie!*

Do you like to make books with your class? We are rockin’ and rollin’ with our popcorn words and we love making books to practice them. This week we are learning to read and write the word *like* and we made this little booklet after reading our Big Book, “I Like Books” by Anthony Browne (warning, fuzzy camera shot ahead):

The kids each talked about what kinds of books they liked to read best, then they got a sentence prompt, “I like books about…”  They wrote in the kind of books they like best on the line, and then did a little “snip and say!” They snipped each word off of their sentence, while they said the word out loud. They scrambled the sentence up, then put it back in order.

We worked on some nice illustrations for our book (don’t you love the claws?!)
And put them together in a nice, neat little package. 
You can grab a copy of this activity here!


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