FINALLY! Classroom pics + Sneak Peek!

So, yeah. I’m crawling out from under the beginning-of-the-year-kindergarten-teacher-rock. Sorry! I realize its been WEEKS since I last posted but …MY! The beginning of the year kicks your butt! Other K teachers can relate… I totally knew at the end of the year I was going to be giving up my little readers and writers for some brand new little sweeties that would need to start from the drawing board. But, is anyone else with me… you FORGET (or mental block maybe) how hard starting from scratch is! Phew! I think I may finally feel rested and back to my old self again if I can sleep for about 25 hours straight. That aint happenin’ any time soon though, so I drink an extra cup of coffee and forge ahead.

So, I’ll start with a few classroom pics for ya’ll and some color commentary to tell you what its all about. I am super duper lucky to have a beautifully old classroom. Our school was built back in the 1920’s and my classroom was actually once the library of the school. There is lots of beautiful woodwork and cupboards, even a fireplace mantle and 2 pews. It’s such a neat little place to teach K in.

This is the view from the doorway. My desk is in the far back corner, and that doorway next to it is a HUGE and I mean HUGE walk in closet. It is full of shelves and storage. I *heart* it!

This is where we do our whole group Writer’s and Reader’s Workshop lessons. The door actually goes to my colleague’s room, and its great for socializing during planning time we really don’t use it much. Notice church pew #1, the kids love sitting there to read! (Ignore the empty birthday board… it is done now!)

Book Shelves:

Literacy Centers are in each of the 6 rainbow tubs:

This is the view from the back by my desk, and the large carpet is the morning meeting area and where I do my guided reading groups (on the floor). Church pew #2 is for my little friends that need a little alone time to get their work done 🙂 And the mantle is covered up back there by the work box and math center shelves. 

…And my lovely word wall:

So that’s where I spend my day! Now for another peek… *EEK!* guess what we are working on in Kindergarten?

Yup! My first interactive math notebook! I wasn’t sure how it was going to fly… but the kids are LOVING it! I hope to have month 1 posted in my TpT store this weekend.

Have a great week peeps!


  • Hello!

    I love all of your work! I have bought a few things this year and they have help me tremendously!! I am a new kinder teacher in your area! I actually student taught at your school with Sandy a few years ago.
    I have my first APPR formal observation. I was thinking about doing it in reading. I was wondering if you have any suggestions to help make my observation successful!

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