V-Day Shenanigans (or not)

… So to continue my last post and answer my own question…. YES Valentine’s Day ranks right up there with the 100th day in terms of the two E words…excitement and exhaustion.  I avoided the term “party” (because that seems to make the kids to think there will be all sorts of craziness going on) and instead went along with our regular routine– but with everything a little valentine-ified. We started our day with one of my valentine sight word books and a cute little math game from Miss Kindergarten Love:

And some of my Valentine-themed literacy centers thrown in the mix with our long o vowel unit.
Approximately 1:12pm had marked the 567th time I had been asked “Can we pass out our valentines NOW?” and so our “celebration” began with a little math candy heart fun. (Can you feel the lid being kept on tight)

…and some other *academic* fun that can be found here in my Ultimate Valentine Printable Pack!
Like this fun reading comprehension activity!
Followed by a few healthy treats and, of course, passing out our valentines in our cutie-pie Love Bug bags.

After all was said and done, the craziness was kept to a minimum, and the kids had a fun day. 
Oh, P.S….Must give props to my Pinterest-inspired valentine gift to the class. 
Was this just too cute or what?!
And P.S.S…. also much love to my sweet husband for sending these sweet flowers in for our anniversary/Valentine’s Day

 Early Spring Break next week! (!!!!!!)


  • The valentine bags are so cute, I let mine use heart stickers from oriental trading to decorate and they just stuck them all over, I like the idea of a theme. Too Cute!!!!

  • Love your bags! How cute are your valentines too!!

    For the 100th day I made the mistake of using the word "party." We did in fact party all day so I thought I was in the clear. EXCEPT when a little one came to me at dismissal and said "ummmm you forgot to give us our cake." My face must have said it all because she then explained that party means cake and we must have forgotten that part. Whoops!! =)


    • This particular clipart from Thistlegirl does not come in B/W. 🙁 But you could always just download it then when you go to print select greyscale printing!

  • I just bought those Goldfish graham crackers today at Target. I was going to make a tag that said "You crack me up Valentine." But I'm thinking I like your's better! Thanks for sharing!

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