Who’s ready for a week off?  ME! ME!  I just love this break because it lets us all re energize  reevaluate, and renew. Reright? I feel like with the day to day business of family-work-school-kids-husband-repeat-oh-yeah-I-have-to-cook-dinner? sometimes a good break is all we need to get back into our grooves. Because I can tell you, serving mac and cheese or breakfast-for-dinner hasn’t exactly made me feel like mom of the year lately. So, I’m going to spend this week doing a few fun things with my “real” kids, catch up with some friends, family, and get my school-life reorganized too. Ahhhh.

Well, since this is my classroom blog and not therapy I will share a little goodie I’ve been working on. My little readers are really taking off, but one thing that I feel we need a little extra *oompf* with is stretching out our words all the way to the very tippy end. Yeah, that darn letter at the end sometimes gets forgotten. 
So we are going back to basics here with a little activity that I like to call Stretchy the Snake. 
See, stretchy only comes out when people say his sounds correctly. He’s kind of shy.
Then, in order to win the magic prize (no, not really), we have to blend all of the sounds together to read the word. Front to back. Using ALL of the letters my friends. 
Wait….. did you say /c/a/t/… cat???
You did it! Yipee!
Stretchy is so super satisfied that he’s slithering from his sleeping bag!
I hope my kinders will be as excited as I am about this. 🙂
Teacher friends– If you want Stretchy in all his glory, you can find him here.
Have a super slithery stretchy Sunday! 


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