Full-Year Kindergarten Curriculum Map

Hey all!  I hope that you are enjoying your last few days of summer.

I’ve had some questions lately from both new and veteran teachers alike about year-long pacing of curriculum. How can you make sure that you fit it all in?  How do you pace the topics that you are teaching? What exactly should our students be able to do by the end of the year?

long range planner for kindergarten

I created this Year-Long Kindergarten Curriculum Map to help give you a general overview of *one* possible sequence of teaching. I’ve included a blank/editable version and one that you can take and use. I’ve also included some recommended resources that I think you will find helpful so that you can get right to what you are meant to do… TEACH! 🙂

(Be sure to download it– not just view it— in order to utilize the editable feature)

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  • I'm just curious how you decided on the sequence of your letter introduction. We are considering changing ours so I'm wondering what your rationale was?

    • Hi Aimee, the letter sequence is based on research from the Words Their Way program. This is the order that is recommended– introducing them in pairs in that order.

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