More Plants + Writing Celebration

Nature is just the coolest thing. We started our sunflower sprouts about 2 weeks ago, in a nice warm & wet sandwich bag. This past week they were ready to be moved into some soil! The kids went nuts watching these little sprouts every day, and it was just the coolest thing to see everything we have been learning about plants click with the growth of our tiny seeds. When we took them out of their baggies we (with the help of our doc cam) got a super up close view of all the plant parts that we have been learning about.  

In other plant news, I have a bunch of parents that love ordering from Scholastic Book Clubs this year. I love it because with every order online we get a free book for our classroom!  I have been saving up my points all year and scored a bunch of non fiction readers to go with our plants unit, as well as our upcoming unit on butterflies. Here were some great ones I got about plants we eat:

and we used it to make this cool anchor chart to record all of the different ways that these plants grow.

In other news… we just finished our “How-To” Writing Unit and it was so special to me because in this unit our little kinders really become authors and illustrators. We ended with a writing celebration…the kids were amazing! How hard it is to be 5 years old and have to stand in front of 60 adults and read your book (in a microphone no less) with a smile! They did and they were fabulous!

I mean, can you see the pride gleaming from these adorable faces! I got teary a few times because my heart was just bursting with pride for these little sweeties!  They have all come such a LONG way!


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