Moms Day Tea + Our last writing Unit!

Friday was our little mom’s day tea.  The kids have been WAITING for this day for what seems like forever! We’ve been cutting and pasting and gluing and planting and painting and singing….yes, all of that… to get ready for mom’s big day.

I was able to snap a few “before” pics during the calm silence of special time 🙂
Our Mother’s Day Books, sunflower plants (we grew these from seed during our plant unit, so they are extra special to the kids), and these adorable tissue paper flowers were waiting for mom’s arrival! 
Then the fun began! Moms arrived, the kids read their favorite page from their Mother’s Day book to the group, then we sang our special song just for mom. I think there were a few wet eyes yes, me included in the house after that.  We EVEN had a few awesome dads as our servers! 
All in all, a definite success!
Onto other news… We are starting our informational writing unit this week!  Our plant book we made during our last unit gave us a good warm up…now we are ready to fully dive in!  I am super excited about this one. We started by immersing ourselves in non-fiction books, and brainstorming a list of informational text features. From there, the kids will be following their likes and interests– and we will be using the website Pebble go to help us make our own informational books.

Stay tuned! 🙂
Have a great week.


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