Mother’s Day Spice Gift

Painting + Planting = Perfect Mother’s Day Gift!
These painted mason jar spice gifts are a cute and practical gift for mom, grandma, 
or the special lady in your little ones’ lives!
Super easy.
Have your students paint the empty mason jars.  When I did the ones above with my Kindergarteners, I had them paint the grass and stems with a paintbrush, and the flower petals were made using their fingertips dipped in paint. 
I bought a flat of different kinds of herbs (basil, parsley, etc.) and we planted after the jars were dried. (This is a GREAT thing to do OUTSIDE where you won’t have to clean up the dirt that gets everywhere! 😉 ) 
The labels were laminated, cut out, hole punched, and attached with a ribbon. 
I had each student sign their name on the back with a sharpie.
If you are looking for something else to give, you can find my Mother’s Day Booklet here.
These always come out so precious and moms love reading all that their little ones have to say about them. It’s $3 in my TpT shop.:) 

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