What do I do on the first day of FIRST Grade?

I’m back with another 1st day post! I received such great feedback on my First day of Kindergarten Lesson Plans, that I put together this First Grade set!

So, let’s get down to it… whether you’ve been teaching 1 year or 20 years, we all ask ourselves the same question leading up to Back to School…
first day of first grade

Are you a teacher who mentally blocks out the beginning of the school year (namely, the very first day of school?) It’s all shades of crazy that you try to forget, right?! If you are like me, the only way to keep yourself sane is by planning out your day… minute-by-minute. It helps to keep you on target with your goals for the first day (getting to know your students, getting them to know each other, and most importantly, teaching the procedures, rules and expectations of your classroom), and keeps the day flowing smoothly. 

So… your room is ready! 
Now what?!

To help make our lives easier, I have put together this easy-to-use pack of detailed, (and more importantly) realistic lesson plans and activities for the first day of first grade. Whatever type of population you teach this pack will be right for you. The day focuses on getting to know each other, learning procedures, and allows for you to get a snapshot of where your students are academically.

first grade, first day of first grade

You will find that there are 100% EDITABLE lesson plans, lists of routines and procedures to teach, photos, printables, attention getters, and more!
I hope you have a great school year.


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