Love is in the air…..!

Oh, hi.
Remember me?  
I do blog here, I promise. 
It has just been a teeeeeensey bit of time since I blogged last. 
(Now don’t go looking back at the last post date and shake your head now, ya hear!?)

I do promise there have been a lot of good reasons…
buying a new house
did I mention moving or snow?

So, now that we got that out of the way.

The month of February is usually a whirlwind of epic proportions, right? Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, 100th Day, Late winter break (we get a week off smack in the middle of the month…. do you?)

I wanted to show you some love that I have been working on for my little lovies. LOVE. 
That’s the theme here.
Valentine Graph and Count (isn’t he handsome 🙂
Roll and write color word hearts (by my little sweetie pie)
 My Kindness flip book, reading comprehension and fluency practice

Click on any of the pics above to check it out!
P.S. If you are looking for some free valentine printable tags for a cutie goldfish treat for your class, you can find that download by clicking here.