Easy fall bulletin board

Hey everyone! It is FALL, people! 🙂
 Now that the back to school rush and excitement are a thing of the past, we are all immersed in the trenches of curriculum. That leaves little time for the “extras” we all know and {cough} love. 
Things like…oh, hallway bulletin boards.  
Ain’t nobody got time for those! 
I’m here with a quick and easy fall bulletin board idea that can be adjusted for just about any grade level. 
Did I mention how quick and easy it is?
And best thing of all… you can put it up in October and it will last thru Thanksgiving!
Fall book recommendations!
1. I had my kids pull an image from Amazon of their book recommendation and paste it in to Powerpoint. 
(Primary friends could give you the name of their book and you could have a parent or aide help with this.)
2. They made a text box with their name and fancied up the font. 
3. Print. 
4. Glue or staple to a piece of construction paper. 
5. Add some leaves or raffia.
Here is what mine looked like up close:
Easy, right? 
And… we have gotten a lot of “interaction” with it– kids stop all day long to look and I even saw a few writing some titles down! *Score!*
Have a great Sunday!