Playdoh + Geometry = Fun!

Hey peeps! I have been getting lots of great feedback about our Bright Ideas Link-up… so I joined in again this month to help spread some short and sweet, easy-to-implement teaching ideas that you can use RIGHT NOW!

This month’s topic…. daaa daaaa duuhhhh!
GEOMETRY for Little People…using Playdoh and a butterknife!
Super simple and FUN!
Playdoh is perfect for teaching about shapes, sides, and vertices. 
Yes. You must give the “Butterknife Safety 101” course before beginning. 
Once you get that out of the way, pass out the Playdoh, the butterknives, and get into it!
Show the kids how to flatten the Playdoh.
Then carefully use the butterknife to cut straight sides. I showed the kids on my doc camera a how to cut a shape and had them copy me. After a while they were making shapes and having their friends tell them them name. Super fun, lots of smiles, and learning at the same time!
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