End of Year GIfts

Short and sweet post alert: Tomorrow is our end of year party! I am so, so sad to see this year end…but so, so happy for SUMMER! I just need to get through report cards, oh wait those are done.. permanent folders,  (done too), end of year tests, CHECK! end of year projects, SEE YA! slideshow, (FINITO) and class gifts (YOU KNOW IT!)  Wait… could it be!? I’m ready!!!!

Okay, so I still have a little teeny huge bit of cleaning and organizing to do, but that’s neither here nor there.

Looking for some cute gifts for support staff? Who doesn’t love a Target gift card? And some lifesavers in a nice cup to keep your adult beverages cold on a hot summer day?

And I was at a loss for what to get the kids, until I found these at the Target Dollar Spot (you know, the bottomless money pit). Slap a cute label on it, and call it a day!
You can download the label here (I included first, second, and third grade– so suit yourself :))

Last Friday is tomorrow…. HOLLA! 🙂


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