Eyes, eyes, everywhere

So, if you remember my post from the other day about our reading superpowers, one of the things we are really focusing in on is pointing under our words. This is super important for our little friends to do since it helps them attend to the print. It’s so easy to skim happily along with a nice, predictable book, singing,

I can see the big hen.
I can see the big cow.
I can see the big pig.
I can see the big mouse OOPS!  Wait… its a little tiny mouse. Huh? 

If we are pointing under our words, we notice when the text changes.
I can see the l-i-t-little(!) mouse. Yipee!
So, all can be right and good… if we just make it a habit to point under our words. 
Remembering. My reading groups have been in la-la land lately when we are taking turns reading the pages in a story and its not their turn. There is so much action going on, its hard not to check out the goings on of the other centers around the room, right?

Enter the wiggly-magic-eye-pointers.

We ALL want to use our wiggly-eye-wands. So we ALL are looking at the words, not only during our turn, but our friends’ turns too! Yay!

 These seem to be working fabulously. (So fabulously, one even made their way into one of my little friend’s pockets this afternoon…. maybe I shall be making some to send home with their reading group books? 🙂
Have a great long weekend everyone!

*Side note* Teachers– if you want to make these for your classroom, make sure you use a glue gun to glue the wiggly eyes on the popsicle stick. My first attempt I used white elmer’s glue and they all popped right off.  Round 2 I used a glue gun and those suckers are staying put! :)*


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