If I had a million dollars…

Ok, well maybe that’s out of the question… but how about we settle for a hundred?

I am using this activity next week in honor of our upcoming 100th day of school celebration. You can download it from google docs here.  I love listening and reading the kids $100 dreams… a pony, a trip to Disney world…. It does seem like an awful lot of money when you are five!  My sad reality is it’s one trip to BJs. Oh, well… a girl can dream about instead spending it on a nice new pair of boots, right?

We have lots of fun in store… 100 year old portraits, 100th day placemats for our 100th day snack, crafts and games… it’s also special because it means we are PAST the half way mark of kindergarten! What? Really! Have a great week everyone 🙂


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