Penguins and things

Guess what we are learning about this week….

Although we are only on day 3, we now know all about how mom and dad penguins take care of their eggs (or not in the case of the mother emperor penguin), what the babies feathers looks like, and, of course, the most disgusting and thrilling part… all about regurgitation. Yipee! 🙂  *Updated* We completed our schema chart at the end of the week… we went back and checked our schema (and put a green check on it if it was correct schema, and an X if it was incorrect schema), then we added everything new that we learned.

…And here is our bulletin board BEFORE, 
and AFTER with lots of penguin facts!

In other news… I have been working on a new little goodie for our sight word literacy center rotation… sight word construction! 
The kids will read the word, make the word with magnets, trace it, use it in a sentence by tracing the sentence, and then either copy the sentence with their own printing, or write their own sentence with the sight word. They then have to read their sentence to a buddy at their table before they can erase it and go to their next word. 

I love this because I can differentiate based on their levels. What the kids love is 1. Magnets  2. Dry Erase  3. Magnets and 4. Dry Erase.  I swear the combination of those 2 things = super engagement, excitement, and excellence! (Okay just threw the last one in there for alliteration purposes.)

Teachers, I’d love for you to try out a sample here via google docs. 
Or, if you are interested in the whole Pre-Primer and Primer word pack, you can find it here.

Have a great week!  I know I will be settling in for a nice long report card writing weekend!


    • Thanks Jennifer! I really appreciate you stopping by! I love your stuff 🙂

  • yay, love it! using the word schema is a new concept for me, I just never did that before, but we are in a new district initiative.. anyhow, love this, I have some penguin notepads that I am going to have my kids write what they know on. I think that will look cute <3

  • You have a great blog! I love your sight word construction work mats. I'm your newest follower.


  • Thanks so much Linda! Mrs. Miller– I tell the kids that the word is a 5th grade word. They are all so proud to use it after that 🙂 The penguin notepads would be perfect!

  • Very cute idea for a penguin facts wall! (Penguins do not live in the arctic, however 🙂

  • Yikes! Yes you are right! Funny how we read so many books about ANTarctica that it got right past me 🙂

  • Hello from England, UK! I've just bought your sight word construction mats – what a fantastic idea! Can't wait to print, laminate and get the children in my class using them! Also love your penguin schema, will also be using that this week for the very same topic! Regards, Jo 🙂

  • Thanks Jo! The idea that people in other parts of the world are working together amazes me. 🙂 I hope your kids enjoy the materials!

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