Guided Reading Level K


This Guided Reading: LEVEL K unit is full of student activities and teacher materials that you can use to support your students in guided reading groups. Use these materials to plan and implement effective guided reading lessons that target their exact needs. Everything is here for you! All you will need to supply are the Level K books for your students, as well as a few materials that you should have in your classroom.


-The Gist of Guided Reading

-Guided Reading Lesson Outline for Level K

-Characteristics of Level K Readers and how to support them

-Setting Up Guided Reading Notebooks: Notebook covers, photos, tips for student notebook

-Setting Up Your Teacher Binder: Guided Reading planning, Teacher Flip Book, covers, photos, tips


-Making a Guided Reading Tool Kit

-Teaching Reading STRATEGIES: Tips & Poster

-Teaching Reading SKILLS: Tips, Master List & Posters: Summarizing, Making Inferences, Text Evidence, Character Actions, Point of View, and Analyzing

-Reading SKILLS Question Cards


-Covers and photos for putting together the student activity binder

WORD WORK Activities with multiple options of each to explicitly support Level K Readers:

1 – Homophone Splat (Homophones)

2 – Homophone Sentences (Homophones)

3 – Homograph Puzzles (Homographs)

4 – Jarring Up Vowels (Long Vowel Sounds)

5 – Diphthong Picture Sentences (Diphthongs)

6 – Contraction Flashcards (Contractions)

7 – Syllable Stories (3-4 Syllable Words)

8 – Double-Up Consonants (Double Consonants and Vocabulary)

COMPREHENSION EXTENSION ACTIVITIES for student Guided Reading Notebooks:

1 – Summarizing (8 different response activities)

2 – Making an Inference (3 response activities)

3 – Text Evidence (5 response activities)

4 – Character Actions (6 response activities)

5 – Point of View (1 response activity)

6 – Analyzing (4 response activities)

This pack is FULL of resources that are specific to the needs of your students that are reading at a Level K!