Teaching social studies is more important than ever.  But creating effective, engaging lessons can be a challenge, not to mention time consuming for teachers who are already stretched too thin. 

Curriculum that comes from big publishers or from teacher websites often contain too much or not enough. Where can you find a content-focused, user-friendly social studies curriculum that is effortless for you to plan and engaging and meaningful for your students?

If this sounds like what you need, this post is for you.

Little 2nd grade Social Studies Thinkers is the continuation of the best-selling, top-rated social studies curriculum for teachers, Little Social Studies Thinkers. This all-new version is specifically for second grade teachers and students. 

First let’s look at the topics you’d expect to teach in 2nd grade social studies.

2nd grade social studies topics typically include:
– Government (rules and laws, principles of citizenship, functions of governments, public officials and elections )
– History (time and chronology, primary and secondary sources, life in the past vs. life today, examining and interpreting historical data)
– Communities  (types of communities, diversity, how the environment affects where people settle, natural resources)
– Economics (producers and consumers, trade, goods and services, scarcity, role of banks)
– Geography (physical and political maps, identifying geographic locations)

The unit featured in this post focuses on Economics.
(Click HERE to see our Economics unit)

Here is the format of the unit:

2nd grade social studies lessons
2nd grade Social Studies Curriculum components

1. Print and use complete lesson plans with a full teacher guide.
Each four-week unit is meant to be taught three times per week with 30-minute lessons. I know that your time is valuable and you need to make the most of every minute, so each lesson is jam packed with content and engagement.

The lessons are quick-paced, written in teacher language, and primary-friendly. You could give these plans to a sub or student teacher, and there would be no question as to what they need to do! It’s all there for you.

2nd grade Social Studies Lessons

2. EIGHT nonfiction read aloud texts in both a printable and projectable format.

3. A PowerPoint to guide each and every lesson.
Use the PowerPoint to project the learning targets, books, activities, and workbook pages. It guides your teaching each lesson and can be easily formatted to Google Slides. 

2nd grade social studies lessons
2nd grade Social Studies Curriculum

4. Vocabulary Cards to extend your students’ social studies vocabulary.

5. Essential Question and Learning Target posters in both a printable and projectable format. 

2nd grade Social Studies Curriculum

6. Anchor chart examples for you to follow.

7. Student Workbook that allows for independent practice and progress monitoring.

2nd grade social studies lessons
2nd grade Social Studies Lessons

8. Systematic and Explicit instruction utilizing best practices in primary instruction. 

Lessons follow this format: Guiding Question, Learning Target, Mini-Lesson with Explicit Instruction, Guided Practice/Activity, Independent Practice then Quick Assessment. A cumulative unit assessment reflects the learning target goals of the unit. 

2nd grade Social Studies lessons
2nd grade Social Studies Curriculum

UNIT 4: ECONOMICS focuses on what makes up the economy and how all parts of the economy help people, businesses, and communities.

It contains lessons on theses specific topics:
•Goods and Services
•Producers and consumers
•Income, spending, and saving
•Supply, demand, and scarcity
•Local and international trade
•How the economy changes over time

Ready to transform your SOCIAL STUDIES block….? 



As always, let me know if you have any questions.