Author Visit & My Lie!

One of the great things about our school is that every year, they have a wonderful author come in to share their books with the kids and teachers. Last year, we had SO much fun meeting Jerry Palotta (who was hysterical, by the way)

and this year, we have the pleasure of meeting
Steve Swinburne!
You might know some of his awesome non-fiction books?

Well, of course, our school goes all out for the author visit. Decorations, signs, a nice welcome breakfast, and of course hallways and hallways of bulletin boards.  We prepped for the visit by reading his “What’s Opposites” book…

…and making our own class “Opposites” book and bulletin board. Check it out!

P.S.  Want to know my lie from this post?  It’s #3!  Yes, I did drive a HOT PINK (actually with a purple tint) Ford Escort when I was 17 years old. And I did dance up through High School, going to many national competitions with my studio over the years. But… NOPE! No twin! 🙂